When it’s time to source a Life Coach

Creating a new starting point in your life.

If it’s time for you to stop living with your story and to create a new beginning, coaching is the personal breakthrough you have been waiting for. Here is the help to move you BEYOND the fork in the road, the stop/start/stop or the old worn path you have walked over and over.

COACHING creates new direction, new ways to move forward to create the best version of you.  We are doing the best we can with what we have. It’s about having more awareness, knowledge and techniques available to us. As a coach, I also educate my clients as we move through the transformational sessions. Knowledge is power, with this information you can educate those closest to you.

We all have fears and limiting beliefs.

Fears hold us back. Mny live with what has been served to us, rather than playing the game of life to the fullest. We all should create our own opportunities. To move forward the simple message is face the fear and do it anyway. It starts with just saying yes to you. Coaching helps you see in a place of darkness, and shines the light outside what you think is possible.

Limiting beliefs come in so many different forms:

“I have a mental Illness or physical disability.” You haven’t seen the options available to you. When our focus is on what is happening,  we can’t see past the hurdle, yet. I like to say yet. So many before us have gone on to become more than before. The difference is their choice to live a life beyond today. Coaching is safe place to make that transition, you are not alone. Surround yourself with people that champion you through any limitation. Be your own best friend, what would you say to someone else about this same life challenge.

“It’s too late to pursue my dreams.” If you say it’s too late then that’s the results you will have. While we live, and breathe we can strive towards our dreams. We have one life make it count! Age, money, time is not a limitation it’s your attitude that needs the adjustment, attitudes are reflected from our beliefs. Recognise the source of your limitation. We create our path, the evidence is the footsteps are where we have been. Create a great path that’s worth others following, make it happen. It is never ever to late.

“My health stops me.” Traditional medicine hasn’t been able to help me. Chronic pain, can’t sleep, I have a diagnosis, and so on. Sometimes things work themselves out through coaching the emotions that have built up over the years of abuse. It’s time to adjust the past to serve the future. Complete this: –  I am ______ . What is the link to your limitations? These lessons, overcoming challenges, was it to make a difference to others, start with you. Imagine achieving the dreams you only thought possible when you slept.

“I can’t fall in love, I’ll get my heart broken.” Being afraid to love, fear being rejected. Never truly opening the heart to others, heartbreak is a physical pain, that makes us stronger and wiser. The greatest regret is to not have loved. It’s in the experienced where we learn about ourselves. Open your heart to trust the vulnerable moments you may be hurt again and you may not, either way learn to love the journey. When your life flashes before your eyes you want to see snap shots of those moments of truly connecting with others in a space love.

“I can’t be my real self, I will be judged.” Negative criticism of self and others. Everyone is different, why please others, be yourself, there will never be anyone like you. You can never please everyone, to live a fulfilling life, help ourselves first only then can we help others.

“I can’t trust people, I will be betrayed.” When someone betrays another a negative life lesson, we become more guarded. A person can only throw so many stones before we build a wall. That wall can also be the same that keeps the true creation of deep meaningful friendships and amazing connections out. Trust every new person until they give reason not to, then it’s a choice based on facts, not what if’s. Those that speak ill about others, it just speaks volumes about them. Forgive your past and be open to your future.

“I don’t need to be successful, so I’m not going to strive for success.” It’s a trap to stay the same “I don’t need much, why bother?” Justifying sameness, playing small, expecting a windfall, one day I will win it’s my dream. Create your own destiny the choices we make today create our tomorrow. Success is achieving your goals, embracing your life and designing your future.

“I can’t ask for what I want, I will get rejected.” Rejection is part of life. We teach our children resilience with No’s. People face rejection all the time. Rather than avoiding rejection, learn how to handle it. See rejection as simply a redirection, adjust your strategy and start again. By avoiding rejection, we rob ourselves of opportunities. For every no we become closer to a yes, go ahead just ask!

“I can’t pursue my dreams because I might fail.” When we become closer to our dreams the fear becomes stronger. What if I fail then what?  Have your strategies, plan, take an action. Don’t wing it, set yourself up for success.  Then if we were to fail, do it better next time. No one is perfect the first time they try something. Imagine as a baby learning to walk. Failure is a certain, what’s more important is taking the action and learning. Are your dreams big enough to keep trying?  Whatever that dream maybe if you have thought it, then it is possible! Life is fair to those that are willing to do the effort.

Personal life coaching with me is a space of safety and support, a haven. With the most proven effective ways to create new beliefs and behaviours to achieve the happiness and results you desire. Changes are available at any age.

Coaching started a long ago and through Tony Robbins this industry has evolved into proven effective methodologies.

I am an experienced coach with the incredible experience and techniques of changing lives with Meta Dynamics (Australia’s leading NLP techniques).

As a professional coach, I am very passionate about helping people from all walks of life to create permanent change. In my coaching experience, I know if the client wants change anything is possible and more.

Available to you is one on one transformational coaching sessions personalised to meet your individual needs.  As a Meta Dynamics Profiler and practitioner, the effective tools available to dig deep into discovering what makes you tick is accessible and only a “Yes” away.


Kerry Hayman

Professional Coach and Meta Dynamics Practitioner

Mobile 0402500603

Email: coach.kerry@bigpond.comThe missing piece

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