Three Months On

I started classes in February, after starting a Artfit Boot camp which motivated me to start improving on my life and fitness.

Ive had a personality profile done and achieved a greater understanding for my reluctance for change. With this awareness I have acknowledged I’m exactly where I want to be – with the people I want to be with and I appreciate that I am surrounded by the different personalities that make up my growing amazing world.

Through this ARTfit program my body grows stronger,  my mind becomes more aware and my career has taken an about face.  Whilst still keeping my current employment, my love for ceramics has pushed forward and now I am making it my current main goal.

I certainly have a lot happening – actually too much but life can be like that. I have a lot to strive for to achieve my next six monthly goals.

I have not done much other then open for trading and some opportunities have fallen into my lap. Now those opportunities seem to have died a natural death and its time to get into motion my business plan. I am grateful for the customers I have and the customers I didn’t have despite booking, ordering pieces, and requesting certain stock be made available for them outside of my business Territorian objective.

The up side is I’ve had time to actively participate in the ARTfit Program workshops, boot camp workouts and personal coaching sessions.  I was also able to go away for holidays with my lovely children and mother. I am leading my life !!

So in the next six months I will have a successful home based ceramics studio as my only source of income and be independently financially stable. With regular ceramic work at the local schools and caravan parks (being the dry season). I will have regular customers who will be working towards a gallery show of their master pieces. I will be running a very successful marketing plan.

The things I can tick off for now is: business started, have had enough sales to restock, paints and pieces, I have placed another order for more Duncan molds to add to my growing selection, I have a stronger body, and my mind is at peace with where I am at….

What more could I ask for ?  Oh yer lots more to come, the journey still continues.


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