Loving Life in Palmerston, Northern Territory – Escape the stresses of life through Creativity

I love the awesomeness I feel going into MY CERAMICS STUDIO – it is truly my own blissful haven.

I am so grateful for all I have in this very moment.

I opened the kiln this afternoon and again it felt a bit like christmas the antispation of seeing the completed pieces. I am so very pleased with the Elephant Teapot I painted then fired last night

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Palmerston NT Home Based Hobby Ceramics open for classes

Palmerston Hobby Ceramics

Ceramic classes started 9th February 2012 Here are the dates to mark in your calendar for classes to be held in February and March 2012.

The cost of $11.00 applies per person this includes air-conditioned facility, coffee or tea and the assistance from a Certified Duncan Ceramic teacher.

Add the cost of your piece and paints, then be creative and if you think your not creative let me show you how.

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