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Coaching For Empowerment    

My passion for learning why humans do what they do and how to create behaviour changes has kept me and my business growing.

I am Kerry Hayman, Professional Coach u0026amp; Facilitator –  I transform lives its in my session my clients have their aha moment. With this knowledge they further want the changes available. 

Qualifaction attained : Time Line Theraphist ® , NLP Meta Dynamics Practitioner and Hypnotherapist  

I am passionate about Supporting Suffers through rebuilding, rehabiltation and restoring quality life beyond Mental illness and Physical conditions. 

 It can be TOO Late   ~     BUT It can NEVER BE TOO EARLY……   
To Seek u0026amp; Create Solutions, Change Behaviours, Re-establish Sound Minds u0026amp; Enrich Life

Time Line Therapy® was developed by Tad James. Time Line Therapy® involves treatment at an unconscious level and allows a client to surrender negative emotions linked to past experiences and transform their internal programming. Its like having a new improved up grade to the programming your currently running within your life.

As a Hypnotherapist  I am a skilled and trained professional,  I induce a trance-like state. Under deep mediatative relaxed trans I insert suggestions to my clients subconscious mind to change behaviour and results. It was in hypnosis I learnt to for the first time to truly relax. This knowledge has aided me in falling to sleep much quicker and easier at night.

As a Coach  I have conversations with my clients in a safe environment creating transformational changes to their lives. What’s that mean you may wonder? Together my client moves towards the change they desire the most.  The problem is never the problem. Together we explore the beliefs, behaviours and patterns that caused the problem. The Changes, alter your results ForEver.

As a NLP Meta Dynamics Practitioner I want to give hope back to all, change is only a phone call away, I have advanced techniques available to my clients. These Professional Master techniques make me stand out from other coaches. This is available for all who are open to creating better results. I know the massive value of these advanced techniques and the fantastic opportunities that become accessable with a new mindset.

Mini-Meta Dynamics Unpack One of the many effective techniques to discover the gaps and set a pathway forward.

Values Elicitation adding new Values to your life.
The Values we have in our life, business, relationships and health are reflected in our results.
Our values can only take us so far then, it becomes very hard work to gain another step forward only go two steps back.    Sound familiar?
Install new values to achieve the desires that drive you. Only then will your life move forward effortlessly and the fun journey continues.
This is where I come in as a Meta Dynamics Practitioner. (NLP transformations)
I know from experience the possibilities that become available beyond old values.
The complete session, it’s about Results.

Consequence – Freedom  Have you been Effected on the Job coaching Serving Members u0026amp; their Families.

Deep State Repatterning changing experiences and removing behaviours from your past one step at a time.

Parts Integration Are you feeling torn in two and feel there is no way of moving past or forward or around, well lets create a pathway, by bringing you back together as a whole person again.

Conditions do apply ~ you have to want it!!!   
I look forward to serving you soon.

As a Facilitator I hold my own workshops and I am available to speak at your workshop adding value to people lives through education. Email    or    Phone : 0402 500 603


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