One year on the Adventure continues in Palmerston, NT

I have been on an adventure

But wow a lot of long hours, in very hot conditions – hourly rate stinks but the boss is awesome (me)

I knew it was going to be a challenge opening a business but didn’t know studio customers can be plentiful then few. 2013 and some many of us are living such rushed lives.

I can teach ceramics, I can make decisions, I can work hard, I can balance the books but marketing not a strong point so it seems

So this financial year that’s one of the key areas I need to focus on, because I have a dream and I will give it all I can to achieve it

I’m very grateful for the ceramics classes I run out of my studio there is plenty of work out there just have to find it, and I am very privileged to have many wonderful return customers

And like wise I’m sure there is an abundance of new people wanting to find a hobby

Hobbies are a refreshing way to relax, meet new people, new friends and spend your hard earned cash doing something you LOVE

The challenge I am so passionate about CONTINUES

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