Hello from Kerry at Palmerston Hobby Ceramics

This is my first blog, where to start….

I had this idea pop into my head about seven years ago that I wanted to open my own Hobby Ceramics home based business. What a path my family and I have travelled since.

I had attended ceramic classes until the local ceramists decided to close down.  I missed ceramics so much. It was my stress free down time, as a mum of three and working, it was also my social life.  I did’nt know what else to do as ceramics IS my passion.

I have found ceramics to be challenging, relaxing and FUN. I have created some very priceless pieces to ME. I have let even the simplest design lead me to creativity.

You just don’t know what you can do till you try. Of course I’ve had great Duncan accredited teachers help me along the way. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I’ve learnt from them too.

In 2005 I decide to go to Sydney to become a Certified Duncan Ceramics teacher. What does that mean?  I attended practical lessons about the Duncan Ceramics available range. It was fantastic attending classes with people with the same dream and direction. What wonderful, friendly, creative people, artists males and females.  That doesn’t mean we can paint landscapes with our eyes closed however we know what the Paint and Brushes combined on a Duncan Ceramic Mold can create.

Upon my return, my husband and I assessed the home we were in. A large open plan ground level house with veranda’s on all sides, very large powered shed and an external laundry. We were thinking we could run classes from the veranda’s or the shed.

This house design wasn’t really practical, there was no privacy  for my family, no outside bathroom facilities and no three phase power. In order to access three phase power I had to rip up my neighbours very nice drive way to run cables underneath.  Which Power and Water could’ve done but I don’t know how my neighbour might have reacted to us after that event.

I had attended outdoor ceramic classes in Darwin in the past. Beautiful tropical Northern Territory with humidity and seasonal torrential down pours, we agreed inside classes would be a better option but even in a large shed one doesn’t change the fact it is HOT.

So we decided to go buy something that would be more suited to our new and growing needs.  I attended more house opens then I care to remember, I had real estate agents looking for me sending me to home just listed which were not anything like what I was looking for.

Eventually we decided well if the home is not out there then we will build it. So started looking at blocks of land as well. Jackpot… I found the best block big!! Enough land to do everything we wanted with it.  So next was finding a builder and a house plan.  There’s a great sense of accomplishment to finally see it all come together the colours the many structure ideas and placements. Certainly helped that we built with the best building company.

But that’s where the money ran out…. As it does, so we decided we had to sell our old home. Times were tough for quite a while back then the real estate pages were growing nothing was moving, banks made things even harder for those looking to purchase a home. So it was a buyers market that’s for sure. We sold short our desired amount but deep breaths some pressure off financially.

Ok now the new studio that had been built beside our new home needed more work. Things we didn’t have the cash available for before. To find a builder interested in doing an enclosure. Thinking back I must have been really determined cause I didn’t give up looking. The work had to be completed within our budget. As money needed to kept aside for the capital expenditure of the ceramics business. We ended up using a builder that a friend was dating. Funny how it all works out. It was risky as he was new to the Darwin industry. He built my firing, pouring and storage room.

So now I had the location next I needed the equipment from tables and chairs to a mixer and pourer and kiln. The locals didn’t want to part with only part of their equipment and I didn’t have the room needed to store their accumulated 20 plus year old business equipment. So I had to start a fresh, I sourced pricing and information from every known source to me and then some.

I ended up being given the ROYAL run around on many a occasion. I ended up sourcing new everything from a Western Australian supplier and I’m more then happy with what I have it was simple once I found a reliable business to deal with.

I couldn’t get everything I needed from them, so the rest I imported from the U.S. wow now I’m really make a short story of this.

I found a bank I have some faith in to help nurter and grow my business,  Eftpos facility for my customers a necessity. Face book has been my marketing attempt so far. Facebook worked for me then I had full classes when I ran three school holiday classes in January.

I’m now kicking off my business I had been so busy that somewhere along the way I lost my motivation. But its kicked back in along with a new fitness program I joined. Still lots to do like my web page, more marekting oh and have even done some ceramic pieces myself Ive still got it I’m very please with my lastest work.

Imagine being able to say I painted this. I have pieces in my home I show my guests with pride and of course I always lead with “I made this and I love it”. Practise makes perfect or in the case of ceramics it can be left to the paints and POW the results are amazing.

I do particularly love crystal because that is what happens, paint the piece place the crystals and in the firing they explode the effect is fantastic, never is any two pieces the same. So simple like many other effects I can teach YOU.





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