Creating my message as an Author

My next journey –  I am writing a book

I am feeling so exposed to vulnerability, but so passionate to share a story I know readers are needing to read my message to help save their families, their failing relationships, their own identity.

So many are struggling in overwhelm, faced with suffering mental, physical and behavioural problems. There really is ways to make things better. I want to awaken my reader to dynamic thinking. Smash what’s happening give the reader techniques to rebuild the foundations, the walls, the roof to create a home stronger than ever imagined.

The past predicts the future, but change the thinking change the results.

Understand what can make relationships better, tap into senses to strengthen weaknesses.

I have worked within environments with my creative clients who are experiencing many levels of pain that is caused by injury, illness, loss, including physical, mental, or emotional pain. I have been given a unique insight through my own journey and others.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to learn from others so you do not need to make the same mistakes, if you choose so.

I look forward to giving readers skills outside the square of traditional rehabilitation, introducing empowerment through colourful coaching exercises.

So many parents living with daily dysfunction, overwhelm, with aggressive kids, failing relationships, struggling financially. Readers – you can save you and those around you. Save self-esteem the relationship with self.

All ages and levels of ability will benefit from this book.

The book encourages children to not be sheep, to be unique and love life, it really is ok to be fantastic.

Through this safe reading environment there is guidance to strengthen abilities to trust our instincts, learn more and to breathe.

Whilst our doctors write scripts to band aid symptoms. In this book I teach techniques for empowerment.

I see you, there is hope, we are not alone.

Gain clarity and create new ideas.  Development emotional intelligence inspire others and yourself. I promote mental, physical and behavioural health holistically, mind and body are one.

Readers be ready to grow, beyond what you already know.

See why I’m so excited.

Palmerston Hobby Ceramics affiliated with Coaching For Empowerment Darwin N.T. Australia

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