Classes with a Mental and Physical twist

Life Coaching within a Creative Environment

2015 Business Expansion I am now the – Owner of “Coaching for Empowerment” and “Palmerston Hobby Ceramics”.

I found within the comfort of creativity people opened up about themselves and challenges each had experienced in lives. This drove me to find words of wisdom I could offer in such cases.  I found Life Coaching and decided this was the path to take to enable me to make a difference to people young and old that needed it.

In 2014 I under took studies to become a Master Life Coach Practitioner and Mentor operating from my Palmerston studio.

Whilst I have presented colour and fun to the community since opening my modern studio located in Rosebery, N.T. and classes are designed to be fun and relaxing for adults and children. I now offer additional classes with a coaching service attached.

Using a friendly relaxing approach I have worked successfully with teenagers within a dentition facilities, opening guided discussions of survival and future hopes, whilst working in a calm nurturing creative environment.

My compassion for others, helps to bring engaging inspiration to school students with unique needs. Assisting them to find abilities and to complete team projects they are proud to be part of, reinforcing the benefits of persistence, presence and participation.

I have been following my dream to conduct rehabilitation classes offering creative therapy to clients in need of physical and mental rehabilitation through imagination. Allowing the introduction of this ingenious outlet enable participants the opportunity to work through personal demons and source a welcoming distraction.

I have expanded my creativity into coaching to allow clients the opportunity to go full circle with enriching their lives and reaching their inner goals. The moto for my coaching business is “Grow Beyond What You Already Know”.

Coaching for Empowerment is a business that is unique as it offers an imaginative distraction to life but also the opportunity to speak within a nurturing secure environment surround by creative, friendly and caring peers.

My dream is to open a Craft Centre where the disadvantage and those enjoying the luxuries of life can be equals through the expression of their creativity.

Under my watchful eye, I look forward to bringing groups together with the common goal of becoming better versions of themselves. Facilitating the message we all deserve to have a full set of wheels in life to guide all walks of life to our own desired measures of success.

I look forward to offering very simple creative classes with specific guided discussions per session. Bringing people together with a common goal of addressing a difficulty in their own life. Sessions will  cover areas such as: grief, divorce, survival, business and more on specific dates.

None of us are alone!

To find out more contact Kerry on 0402500603, or like our page at

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