Parent with Child Saturday Class $39.00

Our studio is open for four hours 11 till 3pm. We recommend you allow a minimum of 90 minutes to enjoy a relaxed casual fun approach to learning  the art of Ceramics. Included in this price is total of two pieces one for the adult and one for the child, the two separate pieces come together to complete one piece!

Choose a selection of three to five paint colours from the growing class kits. Paints available include the options from our popular Duncan Crystal range to Under glazes or even the take home same day finish, Acrylic.

Bring along a snack or lunch (no nuts) to enjoy whilst waiting for the paint to dry. Coffee and tea is provided free of charge.

Please Call our studio to book this class enjoy a unique and special bonding opportunity with your child.

OR attend Saturday day class and make pieces at own pace whilst building up your own ceramics kit complete with paints and brushes sold here in the studio.

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