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Saving your family

My book is written to help anyone suffering or have children suffering from mental, physical or behaviour diadnosis. The book gives techniques to help towards recovery or management. It’s so much more than a doctor’s script.

No more excuses  Brutally honest  Thought provoking  Easy to read  Empowering others!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gives an alternative perspective that we grow to avoid the past, but what we focus on is what we get.

Focus on living in the moment, directing your attention to things worthy of your time and not obsessing over things outside of your control.

Embracing and valuing what is real and important in life.

Here are tools to re-evaluate some areas of life, that you had never considered or addressed.

Take stock of what is happening to your family the family connection and disconnection.

It’s our job as parents to help our child become more independent and resilient.  Help your child develop the ability to cope, solve their own problems and thrive, implement the tools and activities to help children of all ages to be creative.

Today’s parents are constantly pressured to be perfect. In striving to do everything right. We miss capturing the uniqueness of what’s different.

Balance nurturing and protectiveness.

What emotional needs are our children expressing through difficult behaviour.

We often become parents before we have healed our own upbringing. The dream of children fills a need we missing. Problem is our dysfunctions affect our parenting style. Creating healthy attachment through, understanding what makes us tick, being flexible, and willing and open to changing us first.

Let’s look at words and phrases we use whilst parenting, have you heard them before how did you feel back then. Let’s understand our parents got it wrong they weren’t working then are not working now.

Creating strong intentions and benchmarks.

I am not a Dietitian, Doctor or  Naturopaths. I will not provide any medical recommendations. Nothing I say should be placed ahead of any other medical advice you have been given and if unsure about anything please consult a medical professional. I will share my experiences, both personal and what I discovered through my own research.

I wanted to find the root causes not the manage the symptoms. I resolve to help other families think outside the square. Think dynamically not within the confines of what the doctors say.

In no way am I saying do not follow what you know to be best for your child. What I am saying is how is that option best for your child?

Learning is tough so one area in the brain is weaker functioning than another area, so the process is challenging.  Develop exercises to work with the weak area so the connection gets stronger.

Last night I had a coffee that tasted amazing. This morning it got me thinking, perhaps it tasted great because I was with inspiring people. We talked about movie stars, the Royal family, Christianity, the significance of Christmas. We laughed, we felt sorrow, we felt relaxed, we felt present.

Great therapy for anyone.

Which leads me to:    Necessary Conversations Exercise

Go and have a conversation with a friend and do NOT talk about your problems. Listen and learn something new about your friend.    Then come back and answer the following questions.

What did you notice?

What did you not notice?

What would you do the same?

What would you do differently?

What surprised you?

Creativity can be in many forms – I enjoy meditating and when I paint I find it just as relaxing as any deep meditation.

Did you know painting encourages creative development, strengthens memory, builds problem solving skills and motor skills, offers stress relief, promotes an optimistic attitude, and nurtures emotional development

Never quit your kids – Your frustrated angry. Your struggling imagine how it is for them – Bullying fuzziness fatigue socially inadequate moods anxiety the list goes on.

Include in your family therapy – Palmerston Colour Therapy. Connect share laugh encourage. Its whilst we are having fun that we create memories.

Saving the family faced with adhd/add/odd/asd/spd, support for the parents and children. Thinking outside the square.

Family building is like dating you need to be a match, create trust, intimacy, respect, loyalty.

If you don’t know what you stand for you will fall for everything. Qualities, values, character.

How do others see you.

If you were a car what type would you be?

Roles of our family who did you need to be to fit in?

Vital inner world needs are gratitude, healthy boundaries, emotional range, regulation and an inner sense of progress.

Our values system is the building blocks for our lives and personalities.

Need a license to drive but not to raise kid

(Kids – No licence)

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