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Nights, Days, Weekends.

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Discover what is possible

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Come into our creative community, rehabilitate, and soothe with Ceramic Art Therapy.

Colour your life – and grow beyond what you already know.

Our clean, relaxed modern, air-conditioned studio is located at

35 Kenbi Place, Rosebery Darwin.

Rosebery NT 0832

Phone 0402500603

Our Classes

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Party with Ceramics

All supplies are provided to complete the ceramic piece, allowing the piece to be taken home from the party the same day.
It is fun to watch the kids concentrate on their ceramic pieces surrounded by their friends, all enjoying a party atmosphere.

Adults Classes

Bonding with Friends

An adult night class gives the student the freedom to learn at whatever pace they choose, with close guidance from the studio ceramic teacher.

Here we deliver a beginners class with pre-picked pieces, paints, and technique grow your skills from there.

Our aim is to offer an exciting hobby ceramic class for the benefit of unwinding after the working day. With other like minded adults and teens. Coffee and tea are provided free of charge.

Childrens Classes

Community Learning

Start with choosing a selection of three to five paint colours from the growing class kit.
Paints available include the options from our popular Duncan Crystal range to Underglazes or even the take home same-day finish, Acrylic.
Bring along a snack or lunch (no nuts) to enjoy while waiting for the paint to dry.
Please call our studio to book this class. Or enjoy a unique and special bonding opportunity with your child and book you both.

School Age

Holiday Programs or After School Classes

Build confidence in a social enviroment.  

Each class is a different technique and different masterpieces.  Familiar community – different projects.
Each School holiday event offers a different artistic experience.

NT School Sport Vouchers are accepted here.


All ages


Self Managed, Agency Managed or NDIS with Social and Community Participation in their plan.  We offer assisted classes to meet the different needs of our NDIS participants.  Enjoy community engagement.

Together we will work towards your masterpieces being exhibited within a local art exhibition. 

Come try the beginners class then have a 10  session program designed to meet your specific interests.


Mindset is Everything

Kids Mental Health Wellness.
Is your child struggling with mental health concerns?

My coaching service is here and specifically designed to help kids of all ages.

As a Creative Coach  I feel passionate that knowledge is power and self-awareness is a journey to answers.

My extensive expertise includes NLP Mastery,  Time Line Therapy (R), Hypnotherapist and Art Therapy

Satisfied Clients


Catherine Hallworth - Highly recommend. The environment was fantastic to let your creativity flow into your project. Thank you, Kerry for your time and support of our small group
Moneek Russ - I go to ceramics regularly and love this class. Also, I have had a few coaching sessions done with Kerry, especially grief coaching. From the techniques used, the results have been immediate and long-lasting. Highly recommend

Valerie.H.Lay - Kerry Hayman is a fantastic life coach, her questions made me think about why I do, why I don't do and why I think this way. she helps you to find your own answers . I strongly recommend her.

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  • Rosebery NT 0832

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  • Phone: 0402500603

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  • Night & Day Sessions
  • From 1.5 to 4 hours

Be creative around supportive social people and enjoy a fresh new experience

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